2020-2021 Officers and Committees

Ruth Weissberger, Governor

Steve Angus, Treasurer
Robert McLean, President Elect
Rebecca Andrews, Governor

Committee Chairs:
Naseema Merchant, Chair, Diversity; Co-Chair, Program Planning

Diana Sewell, Co-Chair, Program Planning
Ben Cherry, Chair, Health and Public Policy
Anthony Yoder, Co-Chair, Health and Public Policy
Eric Mazur, Chair, Awards and Nominations
Rosemarie Fisher, Co-Chair. Membership, Awards and Nominations
Ruth Weissberger , Chair, Resolutions
Sarita Soares, Co-Chair, ECP
Angie Kang, Co-Chair, ECP
Shaheena Shan, Resident/Fellow Members
Enrique Pacheco, Communications_Social Media
Sujata Prasad, Practice Satisfaction/Physician Wellness
Dan Tobin, Finance Committee Member

Student Liaisons/representatives
Ilene Rosenberg, Medical Student Liaison, Quinnipiac

Igor Dumbrovsky, Student, Quinnipiac
Angela Mirabella, Student, Quinnipiac
Avnee Mistry, Student, Quinnipiac
David Miner,
Michelle Duong, Student, UCONN
Abigail Healy, Student, UCONN
Barry Wu, Medical Students Liason, Yale
Jennifer Hanberg, Student,Yale
Stephen Lee, Student,Yale

CTACP Chapter Management Team