CTACP April Update from the Governor


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

― Maya Angelou


Dear Colleagues,

Today, I write to you for the last time as your Governor.  The journey has been an honor and we have accomplished many things together.  The loss is tempered by my anticipation for my upcoming national role as the Chair of the Board of Governors. There are many people to thank for their support and mentorship along the way, not the least are the previous two Governors, Robert Nardino and Robert McLean, as well as Joseph Cleary (another previous Governor) who felt it was high time we had our first female Governor. I hope I have born that title well as I pass the baton to Ruth Weissberger – your next Governor.

I thought I would spend this last newsletter reviewing some of our chapter’s accomplishments and maybe some hopes for the future. If I were ever to implore you to read a newsletter in its entirety, this would be it.  We have been successful as a chapter only because of the willingness of all of you to volunteer, share ideas, and participate in chapter activities.  Our Chapter’s accomplishments have been recognized with invitations to share or present several initiatives at the national Board of Governors meeting. Similarly, we have been offered select opportunities such as our Chapter Forum that have now expanded throughout all chapters.

My hopes for the future: I hope our chapter continues to grow. Our succession of Governors has each had a priority which has allowed for growth in our social media, advocacy, membership, and communications initiatives.  I would hope that we will continue to light the way for quality healthcare, member engagement, and shaping the future of medicine.  I held two strategic planning meetings. The last of which named our Foundational Values, Core Values, and a Mission Statement. Let us uphold these values as a chapter and as physicians.

Foundational Values:

  • Advocacy
  • Support
  • Relevance
  • Professionalism
  • Excellence
  • Altruism (Replaced by Service after much discussion)
  • Engagement
  • Representation
  • Education
  • Growth
  • Inclusiveness
  • Advancement

Core Values:

  • Excellence
  • Professionalism
  • Inclusiveness
  • Service
  • Relevance
  • Leadership

Mission Statement: Empowering CT Internists to improve the health of their patients and communities by promoting their professional satisfaction and development.

I want to express my gratitude one final time to all of you as members. This is a journey we took together, and I will be forever grateful for the honor to serve you.

“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.” - JFK

“It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.” —Amelia Barr



Rebecca Andrews

The Past Four Years in Review:

  • Ethics: Surrounding EHR use, policy statement recognizing hate crimes as a public health issue.
  • Awards: We created new awards to highlight our local talent and address diversity with our Female Physician Leadership Award; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award; and Early Career Physician Teacher.  The Female Physician Leadership will be named the Rosemarie L. Fisher Female Physician Leadership Award after the inaugural recipient.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Creation of a Diversity Committee and Women in Medicine Breakfast, and our above-mentioned DEI award, the “he-for-she” movement.
  • Wellness: Trained wellness champions through the national program, a call for a gratitude challenge, and a host of resources.
  • ACP President: CT claimed the honor of the ACP President for a year (2019): Dr. Robert McLean. He spent the year globe-trotting to advocate for Internal Medicine, the ACP, and changes needed in healthcare. He was the voice on many position papers and highlighted all the talent we have here in CT.
  • Annals Guidelines: Osteoporosis, gout, testosterone replacement, and more along with commentaries on important topics such as firearms.
  • Advocacy: Development of a robust health and public policy committee, Leadership Day in Washington lobbying for reform of the coding system to benefit cognitive work went into effect in January; ACP national’s ACP Calls for Comprehensive Reform of U.S. Health in a Series of Papers Offering a New Vision of Health Care and commentary.
  • Local and World Happenings: Hurricane Harvey, COVID-19 , a Presidential Election.
  • The Annual Scientific Meeting: Moved from the Aqua Turf to the Connecticut Convention Center. We are a Medium-Large sized ACP chapter. The average meeting attendance for in-person meetings for Medium-Large Chapters is 252. Our chapter has almost 50% more attendees!
  • Resident and Fellows: We sent our Doctor’s Dilemma champions to the national competition every year except 2020 along with our annual abstract winners.
  • Medical Students: Held a donation drive for local charities, a nutrition event at Lyman Orchard, volunteer events, and joined our residents in our annual abstract competition.
  • Inspiration: As many inspirational quotes as I could possibly put in.
  • Social Media: We developed a social media committee, started a Twitter, 2 Facebook profiles (one just for Early Career Physicians), and a new chapter website.
  • COVID-19 Resources: From national and just to name a few… Telemedicine: A Practical Guide for Incorporation into your Practice,  ACP’s Telehealth Coding and Billing Practice Management Tips , Educational resources, ACP’s“Novel Coronavirus: A Physician's Guide”  (available for CME), Podcast on Coronavirus: What the Clinician Needs to Know podcast

Awards and Membership


ACP Bylaws state that Masters shall be Fellows who have been selected because of "integrity, positions of honor, impact in practice or in medical research, or other attainments in science or in the art of medicine." Masters must be highly accomplished persons demonstrating impact in practice, leadership, or in medical research. We have increased Mastership by 122% since July 2017 to date.


Maintaining members is always a challenge for an organization. It requires a staunch effort to publicize benefits and find ways to involve the members in Chapter activities.  We have had peaks and valleys but overall “Big M” members (non-student or resident members) has increased by 11% since July 2017 to date. Signs of our increased efforts to collaborate can be seen by our 45% increase in affiliate members in the last year.

National Awards - 6 given to chapter members since 2017

EDWARD R. LOVELAND MEMORIAL AWARD Established May 1961, "...to a layperson or lay organization for a distinguished contribution in the health field."
2019 The Connecticut Hospice, Branford, Connecticut

JANE F. DESFORGES DISTINGUISHED TEACHER AWARD Established April 1968, "...to a newly elected, or previously elected, Master of the College in recognition of ennobling qualities of a great teacher who has achieved leadership in the field of medical education."
2018 Auguste H. Fortin VI, New Haven, Connecticut
2021 Joseph P. Cleary, Norwalk, Connecticut

SAMUEL EICHOLD II MEMORIAL AWARD FOR CONTRIBUTIONS IN DIABETES Established October 2008 for “a member of the American College of Physicians or to an organization that has made important health care delivery innovations for diabetic patients resulting in improved clinical or economic outcomes; or a member of the ACP who has conducted research that significantly improves quality of care or clinical management of diabetes.”
2018 Silvio E. Inzucchi, New Haven, Connecticut
2020 Gerald I. Shulman, East Haven, Connecticut

ACP AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING EDUCATOR OF RESIDENTS AND FELLOWS Established 2014 to recognize ACP members who are distinguished faculty members that spend a significant amount of time teaching residents and fellows.
2020 Robert J. Nardino, Madison, Connecticut

Chapter Awards - 22 Chapter Awards Given Since 2017

Chapter Laureate
2017 Ruth Weissberger MD, FACP
2017 Rosemarie Fisher, MD, MACP
2018 Marilyn Katz, MD
2019 Daniel Tobin, MD, FACP

Chapter Volunteerism and Community Service
2017 Luis F. Diez-Morales, MD
2018 Atique Azam Mirza, MD, FACC, FASNC, FCPS
2019 Michael P. Steinberg, MD

George F. Thornton Teaching Award
2017 Robert Nardino, MD, FACP
2018 Mark Kulaga, MD
2018 Amenuve M. Bekui, MD, MPH, FACP
2019 Marjorie Phyllis Golden, MD, FACP

Distinguished Internist
2017 James Sarfeh, MD
2018 Daniel Marshall, MD
2019 Paul Sirop, MD, FACP
2019 Myra Skluth, MD, FACP
2020 Stephen A. Atlas, MD, FACP

Early Career Physician Teaching Award
2019 Stephen Holt, MD, FACP
2020 Jadwiga M. Stepczynski, MS, MD, FACP

Legislator of the Year Award
2019 Representative Sean Scanlon
2020 State Representative Matt Ritter, House Majority Leader

Female Physician Leadership Award
2020 Rosemarie L. Fisher, MD, MACP

Chapter Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award
2020 Inginia Genao, MD, FACP

Chapter Excellence Award
2017 & 2018 – Achieved (no levels existed at this time)
2019 – Gold level (highest level)
2020 – Gold level (highest level)