ACPNJ Speakers Bureau View

Name – Sultan Ahmed, MD, FACC

Specialty -Cardiology

Speaking topics – Cardiology:

Cardiotoxicity of acute and chronic alcohol injestion; Atrial Fibrulation; Understanding consequences and management; Stress testing, physiological principales, methods and interpretation; New Paradigms in treating CHF; Cardiovascular impact of cigarette smoking

Name – Nirmala Akkapeddi, MD

Specialty -Internal Medicine

Speaking topics – Cardiology:

Vitamin D deficiency clincial significance and treatment controversies; Women’s Cardiac Health; Identification and prevention of cardiac disease in primary care practices

Name – Valerie Allusson,

Specialty -Internal Medicine

Speaking topics – Other, Anticoagulation/VTE/MIT:

Name – Lloyd Alterman, MD

Specialty -Internal Medicine

Speaking topics – Public Health:

National Health Insurance – Medicare for All

Name – Andrew Berman, MD

Specialty -Pulmonary Medicine

Speaking topics – Pulmonology:

Sarcoidosis; COPD (advanced and end stage); Asthma (new approaches); Pulmonary Disease in the elderly; Pre-op Pulmonary Assesment; Lung Cancer Screening; Drug incuded pulmonary disorders

Name – Samhita Cakraborty, MD

Specialty -Hematology, Oncology

Speaking topics – Hematology and Oncology:

Colon, Pancreatic, Breast, Prostate Cancer, Lymphomas, Anticoagulation Therapy

Name – David Cennimo, MD

Specialty -Infectious Disease

Speaking topics – Infectious Disease:

Any ID, Vaccines, Antibiotic Resistance, HIV/ AIDS, Emerging infections, organ specific infections, orthopedic infections

Name – Catherine Chen, MD

Specialty -Internal Medicine

Speaking topics – Point of Care Ultrasound and Medical Education:

Point of Care Ultrasound (use in Internal medicine, building a program/curriculum, Inpatient and Outpatient procedures), Medical Education

Name – Aaron Chevinsky, MD, FACS

Specialty -Oncology, Surgery

Speaking topics – Oncology:

All areas of surgical oncology and general surgery. Areas of exptertise include GI tract cancers and surgery of colon (colon, rectum, pancreas, liver, stomach); Breat Cancer, Melanoma, Innovative cancer therapties including Nanoknife irreversable electroporation for pancreas and liver tumores and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy for Peritoneal based tumors

Name – Arthur Childs, DO

Specialty -Other, Internal Medicine/Critical Care

Speaking topics – Other, \\\”Surviving Sepsis & Surviving The process\\\” Sepsis/Severe Sepsis/ABCD protocols/Critical Care: